Tampines Ave 10 MCC Land Singapore

What is The Alps Residences? The Alps Residences is a new launch condo development that is taking place at Tampines Ave 10. This new, as well as, upcoming condo project is physically located at Tampines Ave 10 and the Bedok Reservoir area. What makes The Alps Residences stand out us very clear and apparent. It is a condo development in the works that is sure to deliver on only the highest quality of all condo living possible and fine amenities. Completion on this fabulous condo place is slated to be done in mid 2019.

The Alps Residences MCC Land Singapore

What makes The Alps Residences such an ideal spot for tenants to live? There are various reasons. First of all, The Alps Residences are every inch the personification of what fine condo living is and will be all about for those who choose to live there. Secondly, it is a condo realm that will have full and unique facilities, something that will make it only all the more appealing to those who know how to appreciate the finest in condo living. What are some of these full and unique facilities that it will possess? The Alps Residences will have a swimming pool, a children’s playground, guard house, and an indoor gym amid many of its obvious living benefits. There will also be a close proximity to all things good. What are these all things good? They are no other than lots of personal convenience when it comes to travel. Future residents will have access to use the Tampines West MRT, which is for this express purpose, and that is also upcoming in description. The Tampines West MRT will make journeying to work and anywhere else a very easy means to happen.

Alps Residences Tampines Ave 10

This spot-on condo choice is also something that is appealing to families in a lot of ways. Why is that? The Alps Residences know firsthand how to provide the ultimate when it comes to the best from the rest fulfillment for family entertainment needs. It provides for an awesome life right in the heart of the Tampines and lifestyle that is assured of being tranquil and wonderful in every way that matters the most.

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Parc Riviera West Coast Vale

Located in the heart of mature Clementi Town, Park Riviera condo is being developed by EL Development (a reputable developer with broad experience in real estate).
The location of Park Riviera is unique. To access the facility isn’t a hassle as Park Riviera is conveniently located next to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. Near the Pak Riviera is the High-Speed Railway Train Terminal for easier accessibility.
The development
There are early signs that indicate that the project will have a swimming pool for owners of the condo to relax. For meetings, a function room is being installed in the development. Additionally, a tennis court will be available for owners to use after a hectic day. The owners of the Park Riviera will have a great view as all the units face the Pandan Reservoir.
Proximity to amenities

-Shopping malls near Parc Riviera West Coast

Clement mall; Park Riviera condo is situated just a short distance away from the Clementi Mall. The mall has a range of amenities such as entertainment, shopping, and restaurant outlets. Additionally, a Subway and MacDonald’s are found within the mall.
Jurong East shopping outlets; the EL Development condo is near various shopping plazas such as Jem, Westgate, Jcube, and Big Box. Also near these condominiums the upcoming Central Business Districts in Jurong.

-Academic systems for Parc Riviera

There are several institutions available near the Park Riviera such as the Qifa Primary and the Tanglin secondary school. For the international and residents’ students, there is the Japanese school as well as Anglo-Chinese School to consider. The Japanese kindergarten instils intellectual curiosity.
Additionally, the Singapore Polytechnic and the National University of Singapore located in Clement are just a short drive away.
-West Coast Park; for owners of the Park Riviera looking to relax, the condominiums are situated next to West Coast. Residents may enjoy the pleasure of strolling around the park.

Parc Riviera Conclusion

With easier accessibility and proximity to amenities, the Park Riviera is the best condo in the West Coast. For shoppers, nature lovers, and joggers park Riviera is the finest place to invest.

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Treasure Crest Sim Lian Land EC Sengkang

Treasure Crest is a recent real estate project still under construction in Singapore. When completed Treasure Crest will be a multi-story complex of executive condos. The land the complex is being constructed on was actually secured by the developers on a 99 year lease from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Both parties are content with the arrangement as the authority have earned a substantial payment while the developers should earn worthwhile long term profits from their investment.

Treasure Crest EC Sim Lian Land

The Treasure Crest complex is located on Anchorvale Crescent, which itself is located within the Sengkang district. The company that is behind the planning, construction, and subsequent sales of these executive condos is the Sim Lian Group. The board members of this group were behind the bid to win the tender for the Anchorvale Crescent site, and were determined to place the highest bid. The Sim Lian Group succeeded in placing the winning tender and then proceeded to construct the complex, which they decided to name Treasure Crest.

Treasure Crest Anchorvale Crescent

Once complete the development at Treasure Crest Sengkang will have 504 units, ranging from one to four bedroom condos. The cost of each condo will depend on the number of bedrooms required. The developers hope that this mixture of different sized condos will tempt individuals, couples, and families to buy units within the complex itself. People that are interested in buying a condo can contact the Sim Lian Group online or via a phone call to arrange a viewing of the show home.

Treasure Crest EC

The complex is due to be completed shortly, and the developers are expecting to sell a high percentage of the condos within a few months. The location as well as the luxury, and the high quality of the condos are expected to assist in selling the units quickly.

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Queens Peak Dundee Road Queestown

Management Development Institute of Singapore has received several awards, In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, they have been awarded the EduTrust Certificate for meeting and exceeding business excellence standards and providing an exemplary education curriculum to the university’s students. The campus of the university, MDIS Reseidences@Stirling, has also been awarded the Green Mark Gold Award.

Queens Peak Dundee Road MDIS

The core values of MDIS are lifelong learning, excellence, ability-driven, responsibility, and nurture for Queens Peak Dundee. This university strives to providelifelong learning that maximizes each student’s potential. Accredited courses are offered along with corporate training and career assistance. The corporate training program provides seminars, training, and programs for professionals to meet and exceed business needs. The career assistance program was developed to help students gain the skills they need in order to quickly obtain jobs in their chosen career path. There are internship opportunities available to give them some experience in those fields as well for Dundee Road Queens Peak.

Queens Peak HY Realty

Management Development Institute of Singapore campus offers the perfect balance of classes, work, and fun. Some course programs offers include fashion design, business and management, engineering and more. The campus consists of seventy lecture rooms, six lecture theaters, five computer labs, four science labs, four engineering labs and a psychology lab. There is also a library, auditorium, hospitality training center, fashion studio, tv studio and radio studio. It is near to Queensway Shopping Centre, Valley Point Shopping Centre and Queenstown Primary School. There is a student communal space, dance studio, cafe, book shop, food court, and gym available for student use.

Management Development Institute of Singapore is a not-for-profit institute that offers an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to start a career in several different industries. They also offer training and courses if you just need to brush up on career skills needed to further your career.

Forestwood Residences Serangoon Central

Such is the high esteem that Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School is held in that girls from all parts of the country apply to study there. Or to be more precise the parents of these girls living near to Forestwood Residences in Serangoon Central apply for them to gain places at the school. The pupils of the secondary school consistently achieve some of the highest exam grades in the whole of Singapore. One unusual feature of the secondary school is that at least a quarter of the teaching staff were once pupils of the school.


Parc Life EC Sembawang Frasers Centrepoint

The Parc Life EC group has a number of luxury developments in Singapore. This development group has been responsible for a number of structures including spas, shopping centers, residential living quarters, and even the renovation of the Sun Plaza.

Parc Life EC Sun Plaza

Parc Life has been around for a number of years for Parc Life EC. This company has many projects that have been completed and some that are still in development. The Sembawang Executive Condos are set to open to the public and will be ready for people to move in as soon as 2019. There will be 600 different luxury units and it is located near rail ways as well as shopping centers. This is the ideal location for a person to get to work and places of entertainment.

Parc Life Fraser Centrepoint Sembawang

This group is responsible for the new renovations that were done to Sun Plaza. This plaza was designed to allow more retail store to open up and give them a modern look. There are a number of stores and restaurants for a person to visit. This centre even has a Kopiti’am which is located within the building for Parc Life Sembawang. There are a number of condos for locals to live in. These condos have some luxurious features such as a pool for the residents, an indoor gym, and even an outdoor fitness center.

Parc Life Sembawang MRT

These are just some of the great developments that were due to the Parc Life group. Their condos include features like no others such as a rooftop garden and spectacular view. There are developments all over Singapore that are operated by the Parc Life group. This group has developed a number of top of the line condos and shopping centers. They still have projects that are set to open in the upcoming years and they will be setting the standards for the rest of the developers in Singapore.

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